DK Brusaschetti

Done With Crazy

Done With Crazy

In the Deep South we don't hide our Crazy; we parade it on the front porch with a cocktail in hand. Our only question being "Which side of the family?" 
No one knows this better than me, Alma Sue Babineaux; but call me Al. 

As if being a female police officer in the deep south isn't enough stress, here at BonHaven, my family home, I have to constantly deal with our resident ghosts and Aunt Merle's other worldly guests. 
It's tough enough just doing my job, now I find out that I may be the one who has to save the world. Really? Good Lord. 

With her best friend Sugar and her partner Bobby Glen at her side, Al navigates her current case involving a victim found with voodoo symbols tied to Bastian with her unique style. Throw in a love interest named Carlyle who is hiding an awful lot of secrets including the fact he is a Merman and let the fun begin! 

"Done with Crazy is a Southern Gothic Harry Potter where Hermione is the hero with a Southern drawl and lots of attitude" 

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